Plays are like seeds.

They contain in their pages the essence of their stories, but lie dormant until the right circumstances, the right combination of artists, come together to activate them. And like a garden, nurturing a theatre requires more than hard work. It takes patience, faith, and of course, help from many hands.

Spring is here. And everyone at Abingdon Theatre Company is busy preparing for our 24th Season. In the meantime, we’re asking artists who have worked at Abingdon to tell us why creating new work is important to them.

If you’re as passionate about new work as we are, please help us reach our goal to raise $85,000 this Spring. Any amount given has a profound impact.

Your tax-deductible donation goes directly towards bringing brave, intimate, socially relevant and entertaining theatre to Abingdon.

Help us sow our garden, and together we will harvest wonders.