The Reading Series is a critical program in serving Abingdon Theatre’s mission to create exciting, thought-provoking new work by New York based playwrights. Staged readings are presented free to the public and focus on challenging and thought-provoking subject matter.


The Inferno

Ben and Annie Sussman are a middle-aged couple on vacation in Florence, Italy during the worst heatwave in 20 years. Ben, facing the prospect of early retirement, is trying desperately to find his next big plan. To add to the mayhem, Annie’s brother and his girlfriend join them just as Florence encounters a major blackout. This is the last fiery straw as tempers flare with the heat, property damage, and rampant anxiety. Will anyone survive The Inferno?

Directed by James A. Rocco, the cast featured Jordan Bennett (Cyrano, Shenandoah), Cynthia Ferrer (Elf the Musical, Happy Days A New Musical), Robert Mammana (How To Get Away With Murder, The Good Wife), Summer Minerva (Sylvia Rivera, Personhood) and Lyn Philistine (Spamalot, Gypsy).


When a mother and her two daughters gather to cook the famous arancini recipe left behind from their recently-deceased Nonna, they begin to unravel her mysterious life, revealing their own generational wounds in the process.

By Joey Merlo

January 27th 2020



A movie star and a struggling actor compete for the same role in a Broadway play – Who gets the part? Well, that’s up to a very divided and volatile casting team! Rebound is an hilarious and provocative exploration of the nature of bonding & friendship amidst the chaos of the casting process.

By Dan Haft and David Logan Rankin

November 18th 2019

AT Vineyard Theatre

Corner Of Bitter And Sweet

New musical adaptation of The NY Times Best Seller, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. Book by Lainie Sakakura, music and lyrics by Paul Fujimoto.

October 23rd 2019

AT Theatre 71

Leaving Brooklyn

In 1955, as the Dodgers and the Yankees battle it out on the field, a blue-collar Brooklyn family battles for its own survival. The father, a former minor league player, wants his sons to go to college. One of his sons has been invited to a Dodgers training camp, while the other will never be able to play ball, as the mother tries to hold this scrappy family together. A funny, gritty, and poignant tale of complex lives, Leaving Brooklyn was part of the Queens Theatre’s 2018 Fall season.

By Jeff Mandels

July 16th 2019

At Vineyard Theatre